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Guest Article

I’m Molly Lambourn, I’m an emerging Fine Artist and Entrepreneur. I founded the slow fashion brand Sophie Stokes in 2019 and I am currently growing this alongside my Fine Art Portfolio. I specialise in drawing; it is my constant companion in life!

Art is often quite indulgent and exclusive; I hear a lot of people saying that ‘they can’t draw’ and it saddens me. Since when did we have a prescriptive formula for what good art looked like? Anyway, this instinctive belief that we can’t draw, or we are not creative can restrict us. I believe that creativity is at the core of innovation in all sectors. Every entrepreneur and worker will go through creative burnout, experience stress and worse for some, mental health issues.

I firmly believe in the power of art to help us enforce positive change and habits in our day to day lives that will allow us to deal with these negative emotions when they arise. That is why I have designed ‘Dare to Draw’ workshops which will teach professionals and students alike how to use creativity as a tool which will positivity impact their wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

My workshops consist of a variety of drawing based exercises designed for anyone. That means all you will need is a pencil/pen and some paper. The workshops exercises are not about creating fantastic art, each one is a particular process you can use in your day to day life when you feel yourself getting stressed, confused or unsure of what to do next.

You can find out more about my work as an Artist and Entrepreneur from the following social links. If you are interested in booking a session for your team, contact me via LinkedIn.

Fine Art:

Instagram: @mollylambourn

Sophie Stokes:

Instagram: @sophiestokesdesigner

With thanks to Molly for taking the time out of her busy day to contribute this article.

Kind regards





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